BMW was born in 1916 and since day one, it has always had its eyes turned towards the future. The future of its models and its range, yes, but also the future of the automotive industry. Always looking to innovate, BMW has reinvented itself over the past 100 years, moving from an aircraft engine builder to one of the most recognized luxury brands in the world.

Innovation is about asking questions

If we want to innovate, we must always be asking questions. What will be the most important means of transport of the future? How will society change and what will the impact of that change on mobility be? What opportunities will be created by new mobility technologies? What will be the safety and connectivity needs of the next generation of drivers?

All these questions, BMW is asking them every day. No one can really know what the future holds, but it is certainly interesting to think about it. This is what leads to further innovation.


Future BMW models will be built around six main elements.

The versatility of mobility-New forms of mobility open the door to many possibilities and options for moving about in the future. BMW will continue to be engaged and fully committed to the development of these new forms of mobility.

Connectivity is second nature-Everything will be connected in the future. That said, digital intelligence must serve the driver and owner of the vehicle and meet their needs.

Tailor-made Mobility-We do not all have the same transportation needs. BMW wants to develop services and products that are tailor-made for each person’s mobility needs.

Technology is turning into a human-Technology will be increasingly intelligent and advanced, but it is only useful if it is easy to use and understand. The technologies present in the vehicles of the future will also need to be able to adapt to the driver and passengers.

Energy must not pollute-Energy will have to come from renewable sources. BMW will continue to develop green driving technologies while continuing to use environmentally-friendly and renewable materials in the creation of its vehicles.

We are all responsible-Global companies will have to play an even more important role in protecting the environment. BMW Group already supports 200 environmental projects around the world and will continue to be an important player at this level.

The BMW Vision Next 100 concept is a representation of a futuristic vehicle that encompasses all the elements described above. It was also designed to offer a lot of fun to its driver and most importantly, to adapt to the needs of each owner.

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