2023 BMW 7 Series Aims For Level 3 Automated Driving Capabilities

More advanced driver assistance technologies and even fully autonomous driving capabilities in new vehicles are likely to impact day to day transportation as each year passes by. Given that almost every manufacturer is developing advanced driver assist systems, it is inevitable in our future.
BMW is one of thee companies that have set the most ambitious target. According to Frank Weber (BMW Director of Development) in a recent Forbes interview stated that, "we can expect Level 3 automated driving to be featured in the 2023 7-Series BMW's". But what exactly does "Level 3 Automated Driving" mean?

According to this article, "Level 3 is also known as an 'eyes off' system, where a person sits behind the wheel, but can take their eyes off the road ahead while the car does all of the actual driving. Level 3 autonomy allows the car to make situational decisions, but a driver must still be alert and ready to take over where necessary."

In other words, it's is a high level of advanced driver-assistance where less input will be needed from a human driver. However, fully autonomous driving will only be achieved once vehicles can effectively communicate with one another and there is no need for driver input.


BMW is hoping to be able to officially release its new Level 3-capable technology as early as next year. This being said, there is no need for anxiety as features such as these are almost certain to be optional-- not standard. Although this technology wont be typical in all newer BMW models, we can expect this sort of technology to appear in the more affordable models down the road.