xDrive: BMW All-Wheel Drive System

In Canada, a car with an all-wheel-drive system is almost a necessity. Icy and snowy road conditions are a daily part of life, so you want a vehicle that will keep you safe. Luckily, BMW offers an upgrade in luxury performance and protection on the road.

Currently available in a variety of models, xDrive is designed to seamlessly integrate into your daily routine with innovative tech features. Learn more about BMW’s exclusive xDrive system.

xDrive Technology

With the help of Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) and continuous sensors, xDrive is always monitoring the road and your vehicle’s traction. Under typical driving conditions, xDrive offers full-time all-wheel drive optimized to prevent wasted energy. A default split of 60% of engine power to the rear wheels and 40% to the front wheels provides energy-efficient power to your BMW.

However, the fully variable system can direct full power to either axle for a 100:0 split if necessary, thanks to the electronic multi-plate clutch. With the help of an innovative variable torque split, the engine power distribution to the front and rear axles of your BMW automatically adjusts within one-tenth of a second.

Let’s say one of your wheels slips on an icy road. xDrive will redirect power to the correct axle to keep you safe so seamlessly and instantly, you won’t feel the change. As soon as the system recognizes that you are safe and back to safer driving conditions, it will reset to the default 40:60 rear-focused split.

What BMW Models come with xDrive?

xDrive comes available in:
X1 models
X3 models
select 1 Series models
select 3 Series models
select 4 Series models
select 5 Series models
select 6 Series models
select 7 Series models
select 8 Series models

xDrive comes standard in:
X5 models
X6 models

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