BMW Electrification

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Powerful acceleration. Perfected balance. Fully electrified.

Cutting-edge performance, technology, and luxury – with the capability to go anywhere.

Luxury has never felt so electrifying. Emissions-free mobility with multisensory entertainment.

Thrilling M dynamics meet an electrifying spirit – for all the fun, without the fuel.

Sustainable Materials
It starts with sourcing the highest quality sustainable resources.

Renewable Processes
Our production is powered by an energy that’s self-sustaining.

Circular Economy
We are guided by the creed that you get out what you put in.


Whether you’re charging at home or on the go, BMW Charging is simple and convenient.



*When charging at a DC Fast Charging rate of 150 kW. Charging times vary depending on battery temperature, battery state of charge and charging location load.
**For optimal charge speed, ensure the ePower range is between 10-80% for the BMW iX.


Every BMW Electric vehicle features a variety of high-end materials and innovative technology designed to help you go the distance on less.


With impressive range and quick charging capabilities, going electric in a BMW is easy on your lifestyle, the environment, and your yearly travel budget. That means there’s never been a better time to switch to emission-free driving.

When designing the BMW iX xDrive50, the engineers were given a mandate: make it as comfortable and quiet as a 7 Series on the highway; give it the handling of a 5 Series through the twisty bits; and give it the utility of an X5 for buyers with families.
- Graeme Fletcher, National Post &