BMW Group to build state-of-the-art Talent Campus in Munich.

Munich. The BMW Group is to set up a state-of-the-art Talent Campus in Munich. The new building will be erected in the northeast of the home plant, on the site of the former car park on Riesenfeldstraße. Together with Munich’s existing buildings and training spaces, the new structure will form an open campus that provides training and education for the BMW Group’s approx. 40,000 Munich-based employees – 900 trainees among them. It will be home not only to cutting-edge training spaces and workshops but also a staff restaurant and a public café. In addition, new green spaces will integrate production seamlessly into the neighbourhood. The new Talent Campus will open for business in the summer of 2025.

“Training and education are key to our transformation and to making the BMW Group electric, digital and circular. With the new Talent Campus, we are investing in a flexible, needs-based education infrastructure for our Munich site and adding another crucial component in the global training and education campaign that will make the BMW Group fit for the future,” said Ilka Horstmeier, Member of the Board of Management at BMW AG, People and Real Estate, Labour Relations Director.

Peter Weber, Director at BMW Group Plant Munich added: “BMW Group Plant Munich is currently preparing to produce the Neue Klasse, and our employees will be crucial to its success. I am very proud indeed that our main plant will be home to a cutting-edge training centre that will benefit the whole of the BMW Group. With the new centre, we are creating the infrastructure needed to ready specialists in every area of car production for the future.”

Martin Kimmich, Chairman of the General Works Council, BMW AG, emphasised: “The BMW AG Works Council has long been committed to this Talent Campus, and we are delighted that our vision is now becoming a reality, with construction about to start. Given the lack of skilled workers, investments in training and education are key for the future viability of our company.”

Timber structure

The new Talent Campus will be built largely from wood, which will also be visible on the façade. This will lend warmth to the interior as well as a natural look to the outside. The generous windows will let plenty of daylight into every part of the building for the optimum learning atmosphere. The spaces themselves will be open and usable in various ways, with layouts that can be modified and upgraded at any time. This will extend the life of the structure as it can be adapted to meet changing needs without requiring major building works. The entire building will offer barrier-free accessibility.

State-of-the-art learning environment

The combination of cutting-edge equipment, a high-tech learning environment and natural materials will offer perfect conditions for successful learning. The Talent Campus will allow BMW Group trainees and employees to develop all the skills they need for the future automotive industry. It will provide training and education for people across the Munich site. In addition, the aim is to make selected spaces available for public training courses. The new building will incorporate not just classrooms but also workshops, a staff canteen and a public café.