Digital, Electric, Circular: On The Way To The New Class.

The BMW Vision Neue Klasse provides a glimpse of the future of the BMW brand. It will be electric, digital and circular. With the latest vision vehicle, the BMW Group is providing an outlook on the upcoming BMW model generation.  

The BMW i Vision Circular has shown how courageously the BMW Group thinks about sustainability: as the world’s first vehicle made from 100 percent recycled material, it represents the possibilities of a functioning circular economy. The BMW i Vision Dee as people’s digital companion underlines the great importance of digitalization for the driving experience of the future. Now the BMW Group is looking to 2025 and beyond with its latest vision vehicle. “The BMW Vision Neue Klasse bundles our innovative strength in the central areas of electrification, digitalization and circularity,” says Oliver Zipse, Chairman of the Board of Management of BMW AG. “With the New Class, we are bringing mobility for the next decade onto the road as early as 2025 – and leading BMW into a new era.”

A new design – reduced to the essentials with a holistic future orientation.

The BMW Vision Neue Klasse reflects the beginning of this new era and the strategic importance of the Neue Klasse for the BMW Group through a huge step forward in design. Adrian van Hooydonk, Head of BMW Group Design, says: “The design of the Neue Klasse is typically BMW and so progressive that it looks as if we have skipped a model generation.” The BMW Group designers consciously chose the for the first visualization of the Neue Klasse Shape of a sporty sedan. It shows both the historical significance of the New Class and the technological quantum leap into the future. No other vehicle shape embodies the core of the brand and the sporty essence of BMW more closely. The restrained design language with an almost monolithic vehicle body emphasizes the typical elements such as the kidney grille, the Hofmeister kink in the side window line and the passenger cell, which is still set sharply to the rear. At the same time, the reinterpretation of the kidney grille and double headlight elements in the front of the vehicle creates a new and uniform interaction surface.

In addition to the reduction to the essentials, a friendly and future-oriented charisma dominates the design of the BMW Vision Neue Klasse. A large part of this is due to the large windows with low side lines, which, including the glass roof, fill the entire interior with daylight. The bright exterior paintwork Joyous bright also emphasizes the progressive design of the BMW Vision Neue Klasse with its yellow hue. The new aesthetics of the vision vehicle with the reduced design language and the positive aura will shape the exterior design of future BMW models.

Digital, electric, circular: On the way to the new class.

Outlook on the next generation of BMW iDrive.

Clarity, purism and operation designed for people also characterize the interior of the BMW Vision Neue Klasse. As a consistent continuation of the principles of BMW iDrive, the designers reduced analogue controls to a minimum. Instead, the new BMW Panoramic Vision is the central interaction tool between people and vehicles. It forms an interactive combination with the newly designed multifunction steering wheel and the central display with matrix backlight technology as well as the proven voice control with the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant. With BMW Panoramic Vision, the new class offers the ability to project information across the entire lower width of the windshield. The displays are visible to all passengers and connect the real and virtual worlds. With the BMW Panoramic Vision, the New Class not only gets a new form of display, but the entire user experience changes for all passengers. For example, drivers can move content shown on the central display to the BMW Panoramic Vision. The BMW Panoramic Vision is complemented by the new BMW 3D Head-Up Display for active driving situations, in which the necessary information, such as assisted driving or road guidance, is displayed in 3D animation with high precision in the driver’s line of sight.

The BMW Vision Neue Klasse provides the first insights into a newly designed display and operating world. As was the case when it was introduced 20 years ago, the new BMW iDrive today embodies reduced clarity and intuitive comprehensibility like no other system. In addition to the exterior, the interior also signals a friendly and inviting atmosphere. A bright dashboard and corduroy fabrics create a modern and warm cosiness on the four individual seats in a generously sized passenger compartment. The interior design, which is completely free of decorative chrome and leather, helps to optimize the CO2 balance.

Visible use of secondary raw materials and comprehensive CO2 reduction.

The exterior of the BMW Vision Neue Klasse also shows the first solutions to increase the proportion of recycled materials and at the same time avoid mixed materials. Easily dismantled components made from materials that are as pure as possible are one of the keys to optimized recycling processes, as will be used for the new class. In this context, the vision vehicle has black bumpers and side skirts in contrast to the light exterior color. With production that completely eliminates the use of fossil fuels in the newly built factory in Debrecen, as well as with a significantly increased use of raw materials and secondary materials produced with reduced CO2 emissions, the Neue Klasse is providing significant impetus for resource-saving individual mobility.

Increased efficiency in all areas and in the tradition of BMW EfficientDynamics.

More and more people are welcoming a responsible form of individual mobility. The New Class also provides answers to this. The electric drive of the New Class with the sixth generation BMW eDrive technology follows the tradition of BMW EfficientDynamics and reduces energy consumption in every respect. The progress in the new BMW eDrive technology for the New Class includes not only highly efficient electric motors but also newly developed round battery cells. They have a more than 20 percent higher energy density compared to previous cells. The sixth generation BMW eDrive increases the electric range in the New Class models by up to 30 percent. The increased use of secondary raw materials,

“30 percent more range, 30 percent faster charging, 25 percent more efficiency – with the New Class we are leaping far ahead technologically and taking EfficientDynamics into a new dimension. The same applies to their design: more future is not possible,” says Frank Weber, member of the BMW AG Board of Directors for Development.

“With the Neue Klasse we have launched the largest investment in the company’s history. We are not just writing the next chapter of BMW, but a new book. That’s why it’s clear: The New Class will permeate all model generations.”

The BMW Vision Neue Klasse represents the entire range of technological innovations with which the BMW Group demonstrates its future viability. The BMW Vision Neue Klasse symbolizes the departure of the entire company and the BMW brand and ushers in a new era of individual mobility: rich in digital experiences, with intelligent and innovative solutions, locally emission-free and circular in the long term, providing the typical BMW driving pleasure to secure for future generations.