The biggest promise of our time is the combination of social responsibility, ecology, and economy through progressive and courageous ideas. FREUDE.FOREVER is a new magazine presented by BMW emitting the unwavering confidence that this promise will not remain an unfulfilled vision.

FREUDE.FOREVER is a symbol of innovation and creativity, breaking new ground in the world of storytelling, always looking for new ideas and eager to learn from the best. The people behind the stories love progress and find solutions for both the big and small challenges of our time. They roll up their sleeves to improve the world we live in and take responsibility for it, leaving readers inspired and motivated to seek out a better future.

We find ourselves at a point, where innovation is the driving force behind real, positive change – a time where bright ideas and the people behind them take center stage. FREUDE.FOREVER reflects this. — David Barnwell, Editor in Chief    

The way stories are told in this magazine is different. The human senses have been taken as a guideline to structure content ideas. The real power behind innovation lies in its ability to touch us all differently. Just what inspires us, and to what extent, depends heavily on our personality and affects us on a deep sensory level. It is something we all share, regardless of who or where we are.

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