A Look At M-Power

One of the best parts of driving a BMW is the quality and performance that lurks just beneath its refined exterior. But, have you wanted more out if your favorite ride, like maybe more power? Or maybe something that turns heads a little more than your average BMW? If you answered yes then we have some very good news for you: the experts over at BMW’s racing division have designed the ultimate answer: The M-series.

History of Performance

The M-Power line has its roots in BMW M-the company’s highly successful racing division as a way to push the limits of their already respected engines. Upon taking note of the drastic increase in popularity of aftermarket performance upgrades over the years BMW decided to take some of that high end performance know-how and share it with the public at large. The M-Power line continues to wear its racing heritage proudly on its sleeve, with exterior features that scream sleek and performance like enhanced air inlets and awesome black chrome exhaust finishers. Oh course the real treat is what’s hiding where you can’t see it from the street.

Power and Flexibility 

If you want 0-100 engine performance these models will definitely keep you happy. With horsepower that ranges from 340 in the M2 coupe all the way to an impressive 617hp in the latest M8. Refinements are further seen in sport tuned suspensions across the board, the Xdrive system for improved handling and steptronic transmission to get the most adrenaline for your buck when shifting gears. Sure these machines perform well but, it just wouldn’t be BMW…..

Style Enhanced

….If it wasn’t filled to the brim with only the highest quality materials when it comes to the interior touches. The M series is as customized inside as it is under the hood with touches that range from the subtle such as the custom stitching on the leather seats to the not so subtle carbon fibre trim or M-power badges, the second you slide into this beautiful example of cutting edge design you’ll know you’ve stepped into something special-- even before you hear the roar of the engine for the first time.