My BMW App: Bring Joy to Every Journey

Join Friend of BMW, Nicki Shields as she takes us through a busy day in her festive calendar. From knowing the amount of charge she’s got to sending the best route to her BMW, the My BMW App made everything easier. Whilst in-car features like Intelligent Personal Assistant helped to provide a moment of calm. Paired together, Nicki’s BMW iX and the My BMW App helped add joy to every journey.


Before your next journey begins, easily check the charge status of your electric BMW on the My BMW App. From the home screen you can easily see how much charge you have and how far that will take you*. Plus, you can find more information such as live charging station details, plug types, provider, payment methods and availability, all from the Maps tab.

*Actual range will depend upon various factors e.g. accessories fitted, weather, driving styles and vehicle load


Send the best route for your next trip straight to your BMW, before you’ve even left the house. Using the Maps tab in the My BMW App, search for a destination and choose the best route. By pressing “Send to my BMW”, your route will be ready for you to accept in your navigation system when you start your car. Extra details about your destination will also be on hand, including route distance, time of journey and other points of interest.


Save yourself the hassle of walking back to your car to check on something (like a missing present) by using the My BMW App and selecting Remote Cameras** from the home screen. You can then quickly and easily see what’s happening in real time inside and even around your BMW.

**Optional feature on selected models only.


After a day of festive shopping, BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant can help you find a quiet moment to relax. It allows you to access a wide range of vehicle features, using the sound of your own voice. For example, saying:  “Hey BMW, switch on my massage seat.***” will provide a range of options to choose from, turning the cabin into an oasis of calm.

***Massage driver’s seat is an optional feature on selected models.