BMW Air Filters

BMW Air Filter Replacement

Most vehicles come with two types of air filters:

Engine Air Filter: Your BMW's engine needs clean air to function to it's fullest. The engine air filter prevents dirt, debris and dust from getting trapped in your engine, while also allowing the necessary amount of air in. The lifespan of your air filter will vary depending on your driving conditions, so a good rule of thumb is to have it replaced every 48,000 km or so.

Cabin Air FilterThe cabin air filter is what cleans the air that comes through your ventilation systems so that you have safer air to breathe. Over time, this filter becomes clogged and needs periodic replacement.

How do I know if I need new air filters?

  • Signs for a new engine air filter: A decrease in gas mileage, your engine makes abnormal sounds, or black smoke comes out of your exhaust
  • Signs for a new cabin air filter: your air conditioning and heating system has weaker airflow than usual, or you detect a strange smell while the system is on

If you experience any of these symptoms in your BMW, it may be time for a new air filter. Schedule an appointment today.