BMW Wiper Blades

Genuine BMW Wiper Blades

Few things are worse than getting stuck driving in rain with old wiper blades. Instead of wiping the water away, it ends up smeared and blurry across your line-of-sight. Old and worn wiper blades are more than an inconvenience; they are potentially hazardous. Exposure to the summer sun dries out and cracks the rubber, plus freezing temperatures, rain, and ice can further break them down.

If your BMW's current wiper blades leave smears, streaks or make noise, then it's likely time for a replacement pair. Properly functioning wiper blades are vital in order to prevent any potential obstruction of your eyesight which could put you and others at risk while driving.

Genuine BMW wiper blades are specifically designed and built for your BMW model to enhance the contact with your windshield. You can drive worry-free and with full visibility of the road, no matter what Ontario throws at you.

Need new wiper blades? You can order them right here at Elite BMW to make sure you get the correct wiper blades for your BMW. Our professionally-trained technicians are here to correctly install new wiper blades. Take on the weather with confidence with a set of new genuine BMW wiper blades from Elite BMW.