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No one takes the time to think about their vehicle's battery. You have a set of dusty jumper cables in your trunk, but no one wants to have to pull them out. In fact, vehicle batteries and charging systems have become so reliable that we forget they even exist - until it fails.

Due to simple regular use, batteries eventually become unable to hold the charge they once use to when they were new. Your car's battery contains a variety of acidic solutions and chemical reactions that won't last forever. Even under the most perfect conditions a battery will degrade, however circumstances like extreme heat and frequent short trips can decrease their lifespan.

If your car battery is more than three years old, then your headlights or interior lights may dim while you drive or use accessories, or your car takes a bit longer to start up than it use to. If you have had to pull out those jumper cables recently, it may be time for a new battery. Save yourself the hassle of dealing with a dead battery; schedule a service appointment at Elite BMW, and let our professionals help.

Manufactured to BMW's strict standards, all of our Genuine BMW battery parts are designed to be specifically used in your vehicle. Our battery options make sure that your BMW will start in any season or weather condition. You'll have the confidence to hit the road and finally leave those jumper cables in the trunk.

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