Genuine BMW Brakes

When you need to brake suddenly, every centimeter counts. That’s why Original BMW Brakes are precisely matched to your BMW’s aerodynamics, chassis, bodywork, and engine to deliver the best possible performance. The use of high-quality materials and comprehensive testing ensure maximum safety and a long service life – so you can rely on your brakes when it matters most.

No matter how careful of a driver you are, every vehicle's brakes eventually need to be serviced. A variety of factors lead to brake problems, but it is always vital to have your vehicle's brakes checked out as soon issues are noticed. Remedies for grinding or squeaking brakes range from a simple adjustment, to brake pad replacement and rotor resurfacing. Don't wait to give Elite BMW a call when you initially notice concerns, since ignoring warning signs could result a costly bill later down the road. Your BMW brake-related questions can be answered by our professionally-trained technicians:

  • What causes my BMW brakes to squeal?
  • Why are my brakes squeaking?
  • Why is my brake light staying on?
  • Why are my BMW's wheels making a grinding sound?
  • Why does my BMW brake pedal shake?

Elite BMW Genuine brake parts are individually designed for your specific BMW and manufactured with the same degree of quality and care as your vehicle's original parts. Our service facility at Elite BMW offers a wide range of Genuine BMW brake parts to make sure we can   your vehicle's diagnosis.

If you are experiencing problems or concerns with your BMW's brake system, schedule a brake inspection at Elite BMW.


Original BMW Parts are precisely engineered to deliver the high standard of quality you would expect from BMW. For this reason, any Original BMW Part purchased from Elite BMW comes with a 2 year, unlimited mileage, warranty that provides coverage against defects in materials and workmanship. For parts installed by a Elite BMW, the limited warranty shall cover any labour, including diagnosis. Parts installed by third parties, are still entitled to receive the limited warranty coverage, excluding labour and diagnosis. The limited warranty begins on the date the part was purchased from Elite BMW. For complete warranty details, please contact us.