Crossing the X’s: The 2019 X1 vs. The X2

Now that you’re looking at BMW’s line of SUV’s you’ve probably noticed just how big their X Line is; and other than the X4-which is a sedan, they all seem pretty similar at first glance. So, we  thought we’d save you a little digging and run down some key comparison points on these two great vehicles.

Key Feature Differences 

  • Exterior Trim: X1-13 color options, X2-11 options
  • Storage Capacity: 
    • X1: 767 Liters 
    • X2: 470 Liters
  • X1 Comes with blind spot assist 
  • X1 Comes with mobile hotspot
  • X2 Comes with a front collision detection system
  • X1 Comes with power folding mirrors


As you can see in the above stats both the X1 and X2 feature an identical powertrain setup, which leads to similar 0-100kph acceleration stats. Where you start seeing differences is in fuel economy with the X1 winning the day for overall fuel economy but only by a small margin.


While both vehicles are definitely easy on the eyes, BMW made substantial design and aesthetic changes between them. In profile the X2 has a distinctly refined appearance with very angular lines that give it a more compact look. On the front end the this trend continues and includes an overall smaller grille while the X1 goes with a more rounded front end appearance backed up by a larger more meaty looking grille. (expand section)

Inside the vehicle little has been changed between the X1 and X2 with the width of the front row for both measuring in at 1440 MM. While the X2’s rear row of seating loses 10 MM of width to gain its sleeker exterior appearance. The interior trim options are mostly the same with the X2 adding the choice of an eye catching Magma Red leather interior. While the X1 sticks with the classic black, beige and white color palette options.  Where you see a drastic difference is in cargo capacity; the X2 loses a whopping 297 liters of cargo space to it’s bigger brother but it does come with a cargo net standard while the X1 does not.


Now, the question is which one should you choose? The answer really comes down to what you are looking for: both vehicles are highly capable off-road and can easily handle winter driving conditions. They both seat five and have folding rear seats. The X2 has a more compact profile overall which lends it to city driving slightly better than the X1 and aesthetically it's a much leaner looking machine. However, the reality is which car you choose comes down to your aesthetic tastes as they are close enough in overall performance to be interchangeable.