Originally Published on November 30 2017

BMW took advantage of the Los Angeles International Auto Show to unveil the spectacular BMW i8 Roadster; a convertible version of its flagship electrified vehicle. We had been waiting a long time to finally see a convertible i8, and now we have one, and it is quite simply stunning.

A BMW i8 convertible for those who want to enjoy the sun

The BMW i8 hardtop was already one of the most impressive cars that you could see on the road, but this new convertible Roadster is even more remarkable. The design is just perfect, and the i8 Coupe’s attractive proportions have been kept intact.

For starters, it retains its vertically-opening doors-even in the Roadster version. Secondly, its silhouette is just as beautiful as the i8 Coupe regardless of whether or not the roof is up. Speaking of the roof, it requires only 15 seconds to lower or rise, making it one of the fastest roofs in the world.

The transition to a convertible model required the removal of rear seats, and therefore the BMW i8 Roadster is offered only as a two-seater. On the other hand, it offers more power with its plug-in hybrid engine gaining 12 total horsepower. The gain in power comes from the electric motor while the three-cylinder, 1.5-liter turbocharged engine still features 231 horsepower. A new 11.6 kWh battery is added and thanks to its larger capacity, it will be possible for the BMW i8 Roadster to travel 53 kilometers in 100% electric mode and therefore without consuming fuel.

In other words, the BMW i8 Roadster will achieve outstanding performance and turn every head in its path while consuming less than 2.1 liters per 100 kilometers on average, and no fuel at all when the battery is fully charged.